5 Jun 2016

Review - North South Jiu-Jitsu Underwear

North South Jiu Jitsu Underwear sent me a couple of pairs of their mens pants to try out. They offer a number of helpful additional improvements over regular underwear.

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Cost: $35

These pants* are excellent. I wore them over a period of several weeks of training and they fit perfectly. I must admit, I was skeptical at first that they would offer any benefit over and above a regular pair of pants, but there are a number of things about them that are very well thought out.

View from behind
The pants feature a strong elastic waistband, elasticated leg openings, inner crotch lining and are cut to contour around your privates in a way that cups the crown jewels snugly yet still allows room to 'breathe' so to speak.

Turned inside out
Wearing them, the first thing I noticed was the grip from the elasticated leg openings. These prevent the pants from riding up your upper thigh. The bamboo inner lining was super soft and hence very comfortable. The construction looks rock solid with flat locked stitching throughout. These pants are definitely made for a rigorous workout! They even thought of a cute little hook with which you can hang the pants (photo below).

After wearing them for a while during training, the spandex/polyester material does a good job wicking away the build up of me sweat keeping my groin region cool.

North South Underwear have made a wonderful product to wear that is functional and a genuine pleasure to wear during a tough, hot, sweaty workout. For some, the relatively high price might be a barrier - I'm pretty sure regular high street spandex compression underwear can be found for less than $15-$20, however these North South underpants seem to have been designed with more consideration for the day to day grappler.

*In the UK, we refer to men's underwear as pants or underpants.

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