7 Jun 2011

Terrosaur Kimonos - Latest developments



Terrosaur Kimonos (TM) are proud to announce further details of their unique BJJ gi fabric. The Terrosaur Weave (patent pending) is the culmination of two hard years of product development between our laboratory and our textile factory. The unique fabric - not found in any other BJJ kimono -  incorporates two unique features, both of which were designed to address common problems normally found in other BJJ kimonos:

(1) The zig-zag weave pattern provides a stronger fabric than either ripstop, twill or canvas cotton while still complying with IBJJF regulations.

(2) The fabric also incorporates an interior facing micro-sized 'fluffy' lining. The micro-fluff traps a thin layer of air between the skin and the main weave allowing the wearer to be both warm and cool at the same time. Our field tests have shown that the Terrosaur Weave (patent pending) can be comfortably worn in academies regardless of ambient temperature.

Full details of the Terrosaur Kimonos will be published in Issue 3 of Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine, on sale late June.


Meerkatsu's inside scoop: Man I've been told off by my Saudi backer for revealing too much too soon the last time, but I'm sticking my neck out here - this gi will be the best BJJ gi in the history of gis, ever! I cannot wait to reveal the entire uniform in all its glory but shhh, mum's the word. Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine will launch the full outfit come issue 3. Be there, or be, without!


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


bjjJunkie said...

i cannot wait to try this one...it sounds amazing...hurry up and ship me one! lol

Georgette said...


Tell your Saudi backer it's excellent PR :)

Terrible said...

Oh my gosh! That weave looks amazing!

Can't wait to hear more about this gi. Saving up already! :P

Anonymous said...

Any more news on this? I got what I thought was the magazine with more info but couldn't find anything on these awesome looking gi's.
Looking forward to more info and think I'll be on it like a fat kid on a cup cake when they are out!

Meerkatsu said...

Sorry! It was a hoax by me. I explain more here:


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