18 Apr 1999

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    Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


    Anonymous said...

    Hi there, I really enjoy reading your reviews. Fantastic attention to detail and some lovely personal touches. May I make a request - is there any chance of some reviews for some more popular brands rather than the less well known ones? e.g. for Koral, Keiko Raca, Atama etc. Keep up the great work. BJJ enthusiast.

    Meerkatsu said...

    Thanks for your comment!
    I review whatever comes through the door so I'm at the mercy of what companies send me. Occasionally I'll request a particular gi from a well-known company, but sadly they don't usually send me anything - so these days I don't bother asking.
    The likes of Koral, Atama, Vulkan, Keiko etc spend tens of thousands on above the line advertising, they don't need a tiny blogger to write a good or bad review!

    Anonymous said...

    Really love your blog and Gi Reviews, tons of good solid info.

    I'm in the market for a summer gi / ultra light weight gi. I've read info / opinions / reviews on the Zero G, Vulkan Ultra Light, Grab and Pull, Koral Light, Subculture Wasabi, ATAMA ultra light and Summer Gi.

    I guess I'm looking to not have one be a pearl weave as I want it to be as cool and breathable as possible....and I know that will make it sacrifice sleeve / lapel control and will be stretchy in the arms.

    What do you suggest?

    I'm wondering if rip stop material is cooler than pearl weave, even though they might weigh the same in many cases (Koral's Light all rip stop is 4.2 pounds in A4 and is the same weight as many light weight pearl weaves for example).

    Did you find the Zero G jacket to be less hot than the Estilo?

    Thank you and again, great blog and gi info. I really enjoy it.

    Meerkatsu said...

    Wow, such a long query would best be served if you email me: seymouryang gmail
    but quick answer: Zero G is nice and light but not a huge difference to the Estilo. Go Koral Light or even Kauai Kimonos if you want extremely light. The only issue I have with ripstop gi jackets is that they get soaked with sweat and cling to the skin.

    Anonymous said...

    I purchased the Kauai ultra light, looks awesome. Gotta wait 6-8 weeks though ;-(

    Anonymous said...

    Hey where's the Shoyoroll review!

    Meerkatsu said...

    It'll be the next one coming. This week fingers crossed!

    Urethane said...

    Meerkatsu, I second the motion of throwing a couple of well-knowners into your review mix (eg. Koral MKM, ATAMA Gold), not to push free/more PR, but for the angle on how they stack up against the indy/grassroots company offerings. Would be great to know how sizing and quality factors add up as a cross reference.


    Anonymous said...

    Can you do Hayabusa gi review?

    Jonathon Kim said...

    Any knowledge on Moya Brand? I'd love to hear your perspective.

    Jonathon Kim said...

    Any knowledge on Moya Brand? I'd love to hear your perspective.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi there.. I really love your gi reviews.. In fact i dont bother reading other blogs anymore.. Your photos look great up close, you pay real attention to details and i love that.

    I need some advice though. I've been training no gi for 2 years now, and I 'm planning to buy my very first gi. Do you have any advice on what i should get? What material to look for? Im from the Philippines which is very hot. Or maybe you have something specific in mind for me? And i also like good yet simple looking gi's.. Please help me :) thanks!

    Again, your blogs are freakin awesome! Cheers!

    Anonymous said...


    I live in UK and I've seen a lot of people wearing Valor gis. Can you do some review on them?


    Dylan said...


    I'm from England but living in NZ now and finding it a little pricey to get hold of rolling gear that is decent quality over here so I have been looking at slightly different options. Just wondering if you have had any experience of using a wholesale style supplier like those found on alibaba? It looks like they essentially offer rip off styles that you can customise but I would assume factories such as these would provide the gis for the smaller companies. https://italiasports.trustpass.alibaba.com/ is an example of the type of supplier I'm on about.

    Your views on this type of thing would be appreciated.

    Thanks, D

    Meerkatsu said...

    Dylan, I have no personal experience dealing with Alibaba suppliers. I am guessing that being an open marketplace, you are likely to meet legitimate as well as less than legitimate suppliers in equal measure. Sorry I can't help any further.

    Lawrence said...

    Do you have any plans in releasing an article about which brands/Gi's you enjoyed using the most for training and competitions? It would be interesting to read since you have reviewed so many and there's has to be some you favor and maybe even swear by. Or some that has constantly been in your rotation since you first acquired them(and even even purchased multiple of or to replace the old one). Maybe a top 10 or something similar? Also, love your in depth reviews. I have always come back to read them when I'm researching on which gi to get next. Thanks!


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