16 Sept 2012

Gi Review: Fuji All-Around BJJ Uniform

Outstanding sub $100 BJJ gi offers great value for money and then some. The attention paid to the details that matter - quality materials and copious reinforcements as well as good cut and fit - ensure that this is a great gi for everyday use.

I have no personal or business relations with Fuji, this review represents my own opinion.

Ever since I first began reviewing gis a few years ago, the one brand that has kept cropping up in forums and comments is the Fuji gi. I have to be honest, I did not really take much notice of the chorus of over-enthusiastic supporters. My feeling was that such a plain gi pitched at the bottom end of the market could not be as amazing as their wearers would seem to suggest. When I was approached by Hatashita Sports asking which of their gi range I would like to review, I saw this as my chance to test out their most basic model to see if all the hype was true.

Measurements and other details

Size data for an A1 gi in centimetres brand new versus x3 washes at 40 degrees:
A: 162 / 160
B: 74 / 73
C: 53 / 53
D: 16 / 15.5
E: 53 / 51
F: 96 / 94
G: 21 / 21

Weight data in Kg:
Jacket: 1.2
Trousers: 0.5

Materials: singleweave jacket, cotton drill trousers, comes with free patches.

Manufactured in: Pakistan

Price: $89 from Hatashita Sports and other MMA/Fightwear stores.

Size discussion
Sleeve length on this gi is at the upper end of of the A1 spectrum. At 160cm long in wingspan it is equivalent to other longish brands such as the Tatami Estilo and the Ronin Brand Insignia. Other brands can have much shorter wingspans, the bottom end of the scale for example would include the Atama Mundial (150cm). Most brands tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

Jacket length and width fits in with most other gi brands while the trouser length, at 94cm long, would appear to be in the median of most brands (some A1 trousers reach as long as 100cm, others can be as short as 85cm)

Weighing 1.7Kg in total, this would be considered a tad heavier than most A1 gis.

Shrinkage would be expected on this fabric (singleweave) but the measurements show a surprisingly minimal degree of shrinkage after three warm washes.

The Fuji All Around gi jacket is a basic judo-style single weave fabric. Unlike other single weaves I have reviewed in the past, it didn't shrink as much as I thought it would. The first noticeable aspect when one wears this gi is that it feels very soft and comfortable to wear, a good start.

The collar thickness is good but it does feel less stiff than other gi brands. Some folk prefer collars/lapels that are very stiff, others prefer a more pliable collar. The Fuji is very pliable.

The Fuji carries minimal decoration, a simple logo embroidered on the left sleeve and one at the top of the back, just under the neckline. Fuji supplies extra gi patches (not photographed).

Reinforcement on this gi is outstanding. The cuffs for example are taped with a strip of twill cotton and triple stitched into position. The softness of the material avoids the scratchy effect that some woven cuff tape can produce.

The interior of the gi jacket features reinforcing twill tape that covers each seam. This is something most other gi models omit.

More reinforcing tape is applied to the side vents and base jacket hem.

The trousers are made from fairly stiff 'karate' style drill cotton. The fabric reminds me a lot of the recently reviewed pants from the Scramble Wave gi.

The Fuji trousers are held up with a basic flat cotton tie. I found these really annoying to tie together and annoying to pull apart since the cord tended to get stuck within its hem, doubly so once it got wet with sweat. However, once tied, they stayed tied. I do prefer rope string however. Just two belt loops would seem sparse compared to a lot of other BJJ gi models, however it did not seem to present any problems during rolling.

The pants feature a double layer covering the knee and extending all the way to the ankle. This in my opinion is ideal. Many brands have a double layer that stops just below the knee. Fine when the person is standing up but useless when down on the ground and actually on their knees. The Fuji coverage ensures the knees have a double layer covering them in any position.

The ankle base is simply tucked over and triple stitched.

The interior gusset panel features little triangular patches of cotton fabric acting as reinforcements over the weak zones. This would seem to be the minimum required to ensure durability however I wonder if more manufacturers might want to add tape to cover the main seams down the trouser length - much like  as found in the Scramble Wave gi.

Rolling performance, fit and comfort.
I rolled in this gi over a four week period. The single weave fabric is very soft and comfortable so it feels great the moment I put it on. This contrasts with many pearlweave fabric gis, that start off pretty stiff and only soften over time. One of the other immediate aspects that I really liked about this gi is the fit. I'm a short and light person (170cm tall, 58Kg) but I have long arms for my weight/height so many A1 gis end up being too small for me and yet A2 is too big a leap in size. The Fuji All Around gi fits me perfectly in all areas.

I love the way this gi hangs off my body, it just feels right when I wear and, added to the confidence that it is amply reinforced, I'm pretty sure it will last a long time.

I'm seriously impressed with the Fuji All Around gi. At this price range I would expect cost-cutting and inferior materials. The opposite appears to be true. It is made to very high standards, fits great, feels comfy to roll in and the great price makes this an absolute bargain in my opinion. If I'm gonna quibble, then the trousers could do with a rope drawstring instead of the flat tie and the seams running down the inside of the trousers might want reinforcing too, though considering the low price base, it's not something I would consider a deal breaker. At the end of the day, the All Around gi is a fantastic everyday training gi for beginner and pro alike.


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

I find it really surprising that you didn't have any shrinkage with this gi (especially from this gi in white). They must be using a different sizing or using some sort of pre-shrinking method. The general rule of thumb amongst fuji gi owners is that you buy a size above your normal size to accomodate for the shrinkage over time. This was the second gi I ever bought, (I have it in Blue) and I bought an A3 and it fits me just as well as any other gi company in A2. The shrinking has been consistent to the point that it still fits me now and I wear an A1L in shoyoroll now for example and an A1 in some other gi companies. Surprising results with the measurements but glad to hear that you've reviewed such a great value in the BJJ gi world.

Meerkatsu said...

Yeah surprised me too. After reading other reviews and forum comments, I really expected a ton of shrinkage. It's possible the newer batches are pre-treated.
I like this gi so much I plan on using it a lot. I'll measure it again in a couple months.

CRspeed said...

Great review as always. I find Fuji's to be THE best value out there. I have 3 that I regularly roll in and they are tanks. I can't imagine them ever wearing out. I agree with the sizing comments. I am usually an A2, but needed a Fuji A3 which shrunk down just right after a few washes. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

What size would you recommend for me? Height 5'11", weight 170. I do like a snug fit. Was thinking a A2 but not sure. Thx

Anonymous said...

what is for you your top 3 of best kimono ?

Meerkatsu said...

I'm currently wearing this Fuji, the Honey badger gi, the Estilo purple, the SHoyoroll Count.

Anonymous said...

what other brands have similar fit as the FUJI?

Sha said...

By any chance, do you know where I could get this gi either in Europe with relatively low shipping costs? Does Fuji have distributors in the UK or France?


Meerkatsu said...

Hey Sha, I have seen this gi sold in the UK at several stores: taosports being on of them. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I`m 1.71 and 60 kg of weight. In my city there is only a "A2". It`s a good choice for me?

Keith said...

Good review, going to buy this now!

Dany @ Esprit JJB said...

Hello Meerkatsu!

Nice review post :)
I love your blog. It inspired me to create my own blog about JJB. Since the day I read about your fuji review, I can't stop thinking about buying it!

What's really cool is we are about the same size, so I can which brand/model will fit me better!

Anonymous said...

Awesome review and On Point! I agree with everything and especially with the first comment left by Anonymous. I bought this Gi 3 Years ago and it is still in awesome condition and I use it nearly almost every week. The only gripes I had were similar, over time it has shrunk tremendously. Where it was once baggy, it now is almost a size to small. Still gets the job done though, and for the price not much to complain about.

Anonymous said...

What size should i go with?
Im 6'2 195 lbs,long legs(106,107 cm from hip to ankle).Im thinking A3?Would it be too short?

Anonymous said...

Fuji mentions on their site all kimonos (save for a few) are pre shrunk. I received the same advice to buy larger and shrink the hell out of it, 10 years ago! Maybe it is old logic stemmping from double weave days or something.

Anonymous said...

I have long arms for my height; this convinced me to try out this gi.

Unknown said...

I'm 5'10" and 175 and I own two A3s


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