25 Jul 2004

Smelly Jitsu!

Last week I had to deal with a little trauma in the dojo. The way we stack the jigsaw mats there usually is little space for the poor buggers to dry out after a heavy session. Well, last week I turned up early and each single mat was dripping. A week's worth of bodily fluids were still embedded in the mats and, as it was summer and very humid, they were minging - i mean really minging!!! It almost made me want to
I layed all the mats out and put one of those office fans on full blast. Unfortunately, since there is no air circulation in our basement dojo, all this seemed to do was to waft all the combined odour of ancient matting and sweat by-products (read: ammonia) around the dojo.
Enter all the gang and the look on everyone's faces! Ewwwwwwww!.
The funny thing is that you soon get used to the noxious odour until someone else walks into the room and goes 'ewww what's that stink?'

We stack the mats vertically now, so they have some chance to dry out.

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