28 Sep 2004

My cover is blown

My cover has been blown. It seems the boys at the BJJ class are all aware that I am a ju-jitsu instructor and my days training as an anonymous beginner are over. No idea how they found out as I certainly never said anything, but it seems they are cool about the fact and the coach even chatted about how good it was to don a white belt and try something new. It's a different attitude to when I told the other BJJ class about me and they all saw it as a green light to thump me to submission. Anyway, making interesting progress with the BJJ as I managed to get a couple of tapouts. In fact I enjoyed it so much time just flew and sparred for over an hour past the official finishing time. Sadly, two weeks holiday for the coach means I am BJJ-less for a fortnight and with Nationals fast approaching, I may not be match fit in time.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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