17 Dec 2004

Looking forward to 2005

It’s nearly the end of another year and what an action packed 2004 it’s been in Meerkat world. As it’s my last day in the office and I have nothing to do, I totted up all the hours I spent doing some form of MA this year. It adds up to a staggering 378 hours. That's more than one hour every day! And it doesn't include time spent travelling, work-outs at home or in the gym.
It doesn't quite compare to legendary masters who live in mountains and meditating for years on end, but not bad considering I have day-work and home chores too.
I had several highlights for 2004, including; finding a great new place to train BJJ, competing at the Jikishin Nationals, discovering systema, passing my second dan and enjoying the parties afterwards. But the bits I cherish most are the people I meet along the way. Watching Wayne battle his way to a second round win at groundfighting was inspiring. Eddie coaching me at the same event was tremendous. Having the camaraderie of my training pals during the Nidan examination day was a real support. Basically ending the year on a very big high and looking forward to more Meerkat adventures for 2005.
Cheers everyone!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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