22 May 2005

Cotton wool balls

Meerkat attending the debut session at Pete's new dojo on Saturday. All one can say is WOW! Situated in the main exercise studio of LA Fitness, it has all the modcons you expect from a first class fitness gym.
Mirrors all around meant that the Meerkat was too transfixed with the novelty of viewing himself in 360 degree glory, than actually doing any useful ju-jitsu. If that was not enough, through the sliver of glass next to the door one could see all the fancy hardbodies pounding away on the running machines and other contraptions - many of the svelte looking females were very, ahem, distracting to the eye...anyway back to the main point of this blog, suffice to say, the gym is a draw-droppingly fantastic place to host a dojo. They even offer complimentary balls of fluffy cotton wool in the five star changing rooms, what more could you ask for?
My only gripe, well, the new mats are too hard for me, but then I am a wimp when it comes to nice soft landings, so it's a much needed 'slap' of reality to hit the floor with that little give.
Looks like Pete has started off his new venture in a good place and with any luck, the punters will come flocking.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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