8 Jun 2005


Our fledgling sister clubs – the women only (WO) club and the Kentish Town (KT) club – have kicked off their tenures with an encouraging start. KT club has been running three weeks now and has attracted a core of regulars averaging around 5 to 6 each week. WO club started last night and the report from Marie Paule was that she had 6 newbies turn up. Which is a great start and hopefully a good base from which to grow. The pressure to succeed is slightly higher with these new clubs due to the start-up costs (mats, licences, insurance, new equipment etc) plus the fact that the rent is quite high. But with an average half dozen turning up each week, this is all one needs to survive.
Meerkat is nursing a double joint injury at present. After 10 months of solid BJJ training, I thought I was lucky not to have sustained any injuries so far. Last week it all came to a head as I received a punishing Americana lock on my arm, plus a rather silly self-inflicted twisted ankle. Time to dust off the neoprene supports as elbow and ankle suffer in pain and mobility. Still, the good news is that our instructor is billed to fight in the cage (Cage Rage in fact) this July. It’s mixed martial arts, not something I am a huge fan of, but it will be cool to see him in action. He promises to reveal some special trademark moves come the big day.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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