19 Apr 2006

Royler Gracie Coming to the UK!!!

The news that we have all been waiting for – BJJ and MMA sensation Royler Gracie will be hitting the UK for just one day in May. And lucky ole Meerkat will be first in line to attend this special seminar. Thanks to BJJ coach Eddie being the only international affiliate carrying the Royler name, this will be his first ever visit to the UK.
A little rundown of the who Royler is: to most he is the 5th son of Helio Gracie, and the younger brother to Royce Gracie. Royler has carved his own name as a fight legend with over 300 fights including winning the BJJ World Champs 4 times and the Abu Dhabi subgrap champs 2 times. As a willing ambassador for the sport, Royler showcases his techniques in several popular BJJ instructional books.
This visit is special. But more than just being a chance to meet a legend, what Royler’s visit demonstrates is a huge expansion of BJJ and MMA in the UK (and also Europe). From very small and humble beginnings a decade ago when one or two plucky Brits first began their clubs, BJJ is now one of the fastest growing martial arts in the UK and I have lost count of the number of clubs and instructors there are.

In other BJJ news, Meerkat was happy to add his contribution to the RGDA-UK new club logo. See here:
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