5 Mar 2008

No more fun at Samurai 'R Us

> Martial arts enthusiasts up and down the country are hopping mad about the impending law banning the import, sale and hire of samurai swords. Furious emails circulate, anger spilled amongst forums and petitions signed by the thousand. So why am I the only one supporting this ban?
Well, for a start, I don’t think the new law will affect me (and my jujitsu compadres) since from what I have read, it states that martial arts enthusiasts are exempt from the new law. Secondly, any law banning weapons is a good thing. In fact lets ban all sharp bladed instruments, including kitchen knives, potato peelers, toe clippers and lawn mowers. It’ll save us all a lot of effort – who wants to peel spuds and mow lawns anyway – and it could save billions of needless deaths and domestic injuries every year. Oh and ban paper too, sharper than any katana I reckon.Finally, even though I own an expensively hand-built replica sword, which I do use for kobudo training, I would have no qualms about dumping it and using a wooden bokken instead. It’s far safer and lighter to carry around and I can still play at being a pretend Samurai each week, which let’s face it – is the real reason why MA practitioners are up in arms about the ban – we don’t want anyone spoiling our little samurai fantasy world.

Speaking of fantasy worlds. BJJ training is getting better. I managed to get my first submission at the new club. The recipient of my hack-handed attempt at a triangle choke was only 13 years old though. But he was bigger than me - honest.

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