Competidor Brand are a new company based on the island of Guam. They approached me for some product design ideas and I came up with OctJitsu Man and OctoDragon (the Competidor guys love octopuses apparently!)

Anyway, I drew these up in exchange for their new Guardian BJJ gi and a bunch of other merchandise. I'll be reviewing the gi in a later post on this blog.

The t-shirts are available now from their website.

On my Meerkatsu Art blog, I'll discuss the art direction and image concepts in more detail. In the meantime, here are is the T-shirt photographed up close:


This wallpaper came out of some unused concepts for Competidor t-shirts. I combined them all into one artwork which you can have as a desktop wallpaper background.

1600x1200 version here:

3200x2400 version here: