6 Mar 2012

Meerkatsu Art: Thundercats, dragons and flying skulls

I've been very lucky recently to have been involved with a large number of design projects. My thanks to all those who commissioned me, I hope they like their designs. Here is a brief rundown of recent artwork:

Personal logo for Pro MMA fighter Craig 'Thundercat' White. Craig will print these off for his friends and followers and also use the design on a walk-out t-shirt. Good luck to Craig on his future fights.

My ever expanding portfolio of oriental dragons continues apace with a couple of designs I drew for Oss Clothing - the brand that hired my to design the Miyao Brothers signature t-shirt. Below the coiling dragon floats surrounded by water and clouds. The chinese words say: chéng fēng pò làng - riding wind and waves (click here for explanation).

I also drew another dragon, originally designed to go on the other side of the wind and waves dragon but Oss liked it so much as a standalone design that they will issue a separate t-shirt. Here is a draft of what it looks like:

If the postures, poses and angles of Chinese dragons here look familiar, then it's worth noting that most classically depicted Chinese dragons are modelled on several very famous sculptures, pottery designs, costumes and other items of art harking back to dynastic times. The most famous of these is the 9 Dragons  Wall in Beihei Park, Beijing, China. It is hands down my personal favourite among all depictions of Chinese dragons and I used to marvel at it for hours on every one of my many trips to China in the past.

A slightly different style of design from the ones above, this design focused more on the energy and movement typical in many BJJ matches. I sampled from my own collection of BJJ photographs taken at the many tournaments I have attended. I then reduced the pictures down to just black and white lines and composed them into a giant 'X'. The end result is an intentional melee of arms, legs, torsos, gis, belts etc. The printed tees should be available any day or so.

The owner of Pitbull Fightwear liked my previous design for him (Chinese Lions) and commissioned another. This time he was clear that he wanted a more traditional MMA style of art. I took this to mean skulls, wings and snakes - which I love drawing! I drew each element one by one (wing, skull, dog collar, pitbull terrier skull, snake), scanned then and vectorised then composed into the final piece on Adobe Illustrator.

If you like my fightwear designs, then it's probably a good idea to keep checking on my Facebook Page to keep up with the latest new designs. I often show sneak previews and early stages of new work and talk about the direction such work is going.

Plenty more design news coming up. If I get time, I hope to discuss the details of the above projects on my art blog - MeerkatsuArt.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Brendan said...

Great work Seymour!


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