12 Feb 2013

Meerkatsu Art: Heavenly Footlock - in support of RAINN and Rape Crisis

Heavenly Footlock!
The artwork I present here shows a serene looking geisha applying a very painful toe hold on a Japanese demon whilst knee riding his face. The toe-hold is a perfect example of a submission that requires little strength for maximum effect. I’m sure we would all love to tap out the demons that hit us in our daily lives but sadly, some battles are tougher to fight. But, we can try. This is why Tatami Fightwear, 93 Brand, BJJHQ and I, have collaborated to make this t-shirt. 100% of the profits will go direct to charities RAINN and Rape Crisis.

These organisations raise awareness and offer support for survivors of rape. I hope you will join me by sharing this poster and purchasing the t-shirt when it is released. This t-shirt will be available on BJJHQ.com next week and through Tatami Fightwear's website very soon.

Thank you for your support.

NB: I have been working on this design for several months. It's a labour of love and I'm very proud of it. you can read more about the design itself on my art blog here.

15th FEB 2013: This t-shirt is now available direct from Tatami Fightwear - click here.
It is also available via BJJHQ.com only on 15th February 2013 at 11pm EST - click here.


About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Danny said...

Can't wait for it to come out! Will definitely be getting one!

Danny said...

Can't wait til it's released! Amazing work as always!

Anonymous said...

Try bjjhq. Com... I think it will be ending soon, but I just ordered a shirt

Greenwood Jiu Jitsu said...

I'm excited for this to come out!


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