11 Nov 2013

Meerkatsu Art: Heavenly Wristlock Rashguard

My latest rashguard design features a Japanese lady defeating a demon using a nikyo wristlock. It is available from my store here.

Some more photos and information...

The Japanese geisha girl fighting an oni style demon is a continuing theme of mine. I first created a scene for my Tap Cancer Out Gentle Omoplata charity t-shirt, then more recently, my Heavenly Footlock fundraiser tee.

For the series, I always like techniques where the lady can maintain her poise and grace while applying a devastating submission technique. Wristlocks seemed like the perfect choice. I have seen other artists use geishas in fighting mode and while they are all awesome, I feel that the more aggressive look is not what I particularly wanted in my character. Hopefully my character translates well as a visual metaphor for the beauty of jiu jitsu (and yes, I include aikido as a form of jiu jitsu).

Below are photos of the sleeve detail:

In my previous footlock design, cherry blossoms feature heavily but for this piece, I chose to accompany the geisha with lots of chrysanthemum flowers. Bot cherry and chrysanthemum flowers are deeply symbolic in both Japanese and Chinese tradition. I will continue the alliance of lady+flower in future designs.

In the photo below, I am wearing a size medium. It's a bit loose on me and a small would fit me better around the girth of my torso and arms. However at the time of taking photos, I only had a size medium. (For the record, I weigh 59Kg, 130lbs and measure 167cm, 5'6" tall.)

If you are interested, I wrote a brief report over on my art blog about how I created the design (it was a ballache to draw!), but below, a photo of the completed pen and ink line art:

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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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