1 Dec 2013

Review: Sub Guards Custom Printed Fightwear

I've been talking a lot recently with Sub Guards, they are a UK based company that specialise in custom designed small print run rashguards, shorts, tights and patches. They printed the rashguards for several of my client designs.

The above photo shows my design for Black Eagle Dojo. Below is my work for the British Army BJJ Group: -

The rashguards are very good quality - no different than off the shelf brands - with smooth construction and excellent print quality.

I even sent them a sample of my Hell Sloth design: -

The material used is a bit shinier than other brands I am normally used to (including my own brand) but this only serves to make the artwork pop a bit more, which I quite like.

If you are reasonably design program savvy (or know someone who is) then the Sub Guards website offers a template you can download - here.

The owner, Paul, will also offer some of his own design expertise, though I imagine anything that requires a lot of re-working might be charged extra.

The Sub Guards service would be extremely useful for clubs looking for a small set of, say, 10 or 20 rashguards for their competition team. They also offer a one-off custom item service. For example check out the rashguard they made for Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu when he won the recent ADCC in China:-

Sub guards can be contacted via their website - http://www.subguards.com/
or via their Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

What are the sizing like for these? Are you a size medium or small?


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