5 Jun 2015

Review - 93 Brand Standard Issue Spats

Available from www.rollmore.com priced $29.99 for one pair or $49.99 for two pair pack.

Plain, no frills but excellent value grappling tights from 93 Brand.

I have worked on numerous fightwear design projects for 93 Brand. I have had no involvement with this product. All views expressed are my own.

93 Brand kindly sent me these two plain, no-art, grappling tights to try on. The size small fits me very well (I am 5'7 tall and weight 60kg).

The construction is very good, with panels stitched in a wavy, curving pattern that contours around the shape of your legs, this giving it a mildly compression leggings effect. The material is spandex and nylon mix meaning they are stretchy but not too thin. The waistband is tight enough but I do wonder if the lack of a drawstring is a problem for some body shapes?

I like the mesh fabric interior crotch panel. It makes the garment a lot more 'breathable' in that region, although...

..it is pretty see-through, so users might want to wear their best underwear!

Overall, an excellent value for money product - no frills but they haven't skimped on quality. If you don't like crazy artwork on your spats (boo!) then these are the ones for you. In addition to their already bargain price, keep an eye out on BJJHQ as they sometimes pop up there at a Sale price.

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