16 Aug 2015

Academy visit - Hybrid MMA Plymouth with Kenny Baker

Last week I took my family on holiday in south Devon and used the opportunity to also attend BJJ training sessions at the Hybrid MMA Gym in Plymouth. Black belt Kenny Baker is the jiu jitsu instructor - with gi and nogi classes running five days a week.

The gym is located on the east side of Plymouth city centre. It has limited parking on site. Inside is an extensive martial arts dojo and other rooms dedicated to fitness, weights and changing facilities. I was informed that a new martial arts training room will be built downstairs, allowing even more classes per week for jiu jitsu training.

Kenny Baker has featured on my blog before. He was a participant in the submission grappling event known as the Submission 1000 - here is his interview. [since the interview, Kenny has been promoted to black belt by Braulio Estima].

On Tuesday evening, I attended the nogi class. Kenny taught nogi guard passing techniques with a strong emphasis on concepts - in a similar manner to the way Kit Dale and Nic Gregoriades explain techniques in their Beyond Technique DVD. After technical drilling, we played King of the Hill set position sparring, followed by free sparring. Midway, Kenny stopped to take a q&a on any problems the students encountered during sparring. It was an excellent session with a great standard of rolling displayed by all the students.

I followed this session on Wednesday evening as I popped in for gi training. During the weekly schedule, Kenny likes to concentrate on teaching techniques and concepts from Monday to Wednesday while the latter half of the week is dedicated to sparring. Hence, the Thursday class I attended was composed entirely of non-stop sparring. Again, Kenny paused the session midway to answer queries from students over technique difficulties.

I enjoyed my brief time at Hybrid MMA and would like to thank Kenny and all the gang over there for their immensely warm welcome and excellent training.

Full details:
Hybrid MMA & Fitness Centre, Unit 2, 22 Clare Place, Coxside, Plymouth, PL4 0JW.
Website: http://www.hybridgym.co.uk/
Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/HybridPlymouth?fref=ts

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