1 Feb 2016

Event - TUFF Invitational 3, Submission only tournament

Last night I was on photography duty capturing the action at the TUFF Invitational event in Purfleet, Essex. This was the third of their regular events and it proved to be an action packed line-up featuring an excellent and diverse array of the UK's grappling talent. The format is simple - a submission only tournament (15 or 20 minutes). If no submission occurs, then it will go to EBI overtime rules (read more here).

The full line-up was as follows:

Harry Innes vs Darren Adams
Isa Rahman vs Joshua Burke
Khia Law vs Gabby Hall
Aman Kumar vs Jamie Robinson
Mounir Baaziz vs Cameron Hibbert

Adult white belts:
Faris Ben-Lamkadem vs Christian Vaquero

Purple belt Lightweight Championship Belt:
Germaine Gill vs Jack Cronin
Sam Sam vs James Costa

Ladies blue belt:
Zhenya Kotchkina vs Sarah Louise Jones

Mens blue belt:
Jay Herridge vs Mobast Hussein

Purple belt:
Luke Lofters vs Ben Sulston

Brown belt nogi:
Jay Butler vs Kyle Montieth

Brown belt Masters:
Patrick James vs Douglas Gray

Black Belt masters:
Paul Bridges vs Alain Pozo

Brown belt adult:
Viking Wong vs Sebastian Brosche

Black belt adult:
Ross Nicholls vs Sam Gibson

[I will update with the final results once they are published]

You can catch up with all the action on the TUFF Youtube channel here.

And my full gallery of photographs can be viewed on my Flickr account here.

Here are are few favourite photos from the day:


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