11 Nov 2017

Teaching: Where best to sit in the dojo

When coach is teaching, where do you place yourself? Are you a get up and walker? Or a stubborn sitter?

Most times, coach will tell students best place to sit in order to see the technique, but if not, the optimum place to sit is where coach is directing his gaze and vocal delivery at the start of the technique. If coach can see you, he knows you can see him.

Of course there will always be parts of the detail that are obscured wherever you sit, but coach will know this and reveal those parts the second or third repeat of the technique. It is easier for him to do so if everyone is seated roughly in the same place.

In a large room with high ceilings, acoustics can be terrible, so sit where you can both see and HEAR coach talk. Don’t be afraid to get up and move to a better place even in the middle of the coach’s delivery. Another problem with large rooms are that some of them have structural pillars so obviously don't sit behind them.

Sitting closer is of course good, but I’d say if you can reach out and touch the coach, it’s probably too close. Ask questions if you couldn’t see something properly.

At very large gatherings and seminars, you sometimes don’t get much choice where you sit due to the large numbers of people. In such cases, coach should rotate and pivot around to show those behind him during his second or third repeat of the tech, but there will still be a natural ‘front’ when he begins.


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