21 Dec 2017

Review: 30 Dirty Volume 2, Miha's Revenge

Follow up set to Volume one, this time led by brown belt Miha Perhavec. Given Miha's preference for leg attacks, this set features a lot of heel hooks, kneebars and ankle locks. It's less old school dirty trickery compared to volume one, but still contains enough legal and non-IBJJF legal techniques to keep you busy and annoy your training partners for months.

Available from: https://shop.yogaforbjj.net/products/30-dirty-volume-2
Price: $30
Note: this set is a digital download not a physical DVD

I enjoyed the first volume of the 30Dirty instructional by Sebastian Brosche (see my review). In fact I noted at the time that uke Miha Perhavec's bonus material was also pretty cool plus the two people have an excellent and funny bromance on camera, so I'm glad he has his own stand alone set here.

Miha himself has been fast gaining attention as a submission hunter especially following his dramatic recent Polaris V heel hook win over River Dillon. Naturally enough, this instructional contains a lot of heel hook set ups as well as IBJJF legal techniques.


1. Straight Armlock of Doom - a counter to a high judo grip during standing phase. This kind of reminds me of my Japanese jujitsu days. Miha's version ends with an armbar on the ground.
2. Heel Hook Fatality - Miha is known for his very fast heel hook attacks. This permutation of the leg entanglement ensures opponent cannot roll out of the attack.
3. Heel Hook Super Attack - this is the technique he used in his Polaris V win where he set up the attack from inside his opponent's closed guard.
4. Lapel Straightjacket - this one my instructor has taught where you wrap your opponent's gi lapel over his arms when you are in top side control. Miha adds a little twist to this using his own gi lapel.
5. Passing With A Break - Miha offers a concept, why rush the stacking guard pass? He often likes to pause midway and ensure maximum discomfort for his opponent before completing the move. This is probably the first technique that I would say befits the title of a 'dirty' tactic ie one you wouldn't really do to your friends and training partners but would happily do in competition.
6. Foot Sweep - Miha shows a standard judo de ashi harai then adds his own set up aimed specifically against guard pullers. Sebastian jumps in too with additional thoughts.
7. Double Underhook Pass from Half Guard - this is an interesting variation on the standard half guard pass. Instead of cross face + underhook, Miha uses underhooks on both sides of his opponent (ie not using the crossface). It creates an unusually large amount of top body pressure and opens up the high top mount.
8. Flying Armbar - Miha demonstrates a nogi version starting from the collar tie. There's a very good tip about hooking and flexing the legs upon landing to prevent the escape.
9. Policeman's Wristlock - more memories from my Japanese jujitsu days, this one might offer a nice surprise against your opponent during grip fighting phase. Miha admits it's rare that anyone would tap to it on its own, he uses it more as a prelude for a takedown.
10. Footlock Grip of Death - this is a nice primer on the details that make the straight ankle lock more successful, in particular the emphasis on hip control and correct placement of your forearm.
11. Applause Double Leg - this seems like a silly and somewhat cheeky tactic, but people can't often help their reflexes in reaction to it. Try it, it really works haha!
12. Heel Hook Finishes - lots of specific detail for finishing the outside and the inside heel hook. It was good to hear Miha dispense sensible advice on how to train when using heel hooks in practice.
13. Arm Triangle Accelerator - a nice little pressure point addition to the standard belly down head and arm triangle finish from the side.
14. Flying Leg Scissor - kani basami is a banned judo and IBJJF events but since this is a Dirty 30 disc, Miha gets to show it off. Done right it sets your opponent up nicely for a heel hook attack. I believe this is similar to a set-up used by Garry Tonon. Miha emphasises some points regarding kuzushi.
15. Kesa Gatame Guard Pass Defence - When someone passes your guard, there is a moment when they are vulnerable to a sort of judo style sweep where your arm grips over his back and latches onto the far side armpit.
16. Kimura Trap - this one begins when your opponent shoots for a single leg takedown. Miha uses the kimura lock as a lever to throw his opponent and then finish in one of several ways.
17. Bicep slicer from lasso - usually one learns the bicep slicer when you have swept your opponent from lasso guard, but Miha's version is performed while still maintaining the guard.
18. Leg Quake Armbar - this is more like it, a little dirty trick to ensure your opponent gives up the arm for your armbar from the side. Sebastian also offers his own nasty version here too.
19. Footlock from x-guard - a super painful submission that actually acts more like an unorthodox kneebar - nasty stuff! I do like Miha's little tips on adjusting the X-guard for maximum stretch and power to sweep at the same time.
20. Punchsoto Gari - a nice tweak to osoto gari designed against a low stance jiu jitsu opponent.
21. Quick kneebar - from passing open guard while standing, Miha quickly spins and sits on opponent's hips to attack for knee bar.
22. Razor Frames - good to see pointy elbows, sharp knees and bony forearms are a good thing when using your frames as defence.
23. Reverse Omoplata - fairly standard technique from the crucifix position, one that is under-used in my opinion as it looks very effective. Sebastian also shows his variation, set up from when opponent attempts a single leg attack on the ground.
24. Rolling Loop choke - Miha's version starts from butterfly guard.
25. Shin on IT Band - Miha passes open guard starting with a hug pass and then pressuring his shin bone over the side of his opponent's outer thigh muscle (iliotibial band) as he finishes off with a sort of folding pass or smash pass.
26. Sneaky Safada - Miha fakes a seionage throw and halfway transitions to an inside leg trip (safada takedown).
27. Americana from bottom side control - I've been using this all the time ever since my instructor first showed us in class years ago. I can attest, it is evil, nasty and highly effective when timed right.
28. Toss of Death - Miha works a wrestling style duck under and takes the back, then continues around until he is to the side of his opponent, then proceeds to lift him vertically and slam him down. It's very WWE wrestling!

Bonus Techniques:
29. Collar Grip Throat Pressure - Sebastian plays some mind games with a weird collar grip which sets up the next takedown or throw.
30. Front naked Choke - just like an rnc but from top mount.
31. Lapel Trap - a cheeky way to prevent your opponent from rolling away from under your side control. It slows down the opponent and might even set up a back attack.
32. Nogi Baseball Bat choke - Sebastian shows this submission from the knee on belly position, but I've seen this done from underneath closed guard and even bottom half guard. It's very effective but probably requires a bit of wrist, arm and finger dexterity.

Rolling Practice and Conclusion
I really enjoy watching Miha compete. He has a very attack oriented, fast paced game loaded with traps and dangers. Where I train, we don't roll with heel hooks - apart from the odd session where we have a little play with them, so I haven't had the opportunity to try out Miha's heel hook techniques properly. However, there was still plenty of material on the set that is perfectly legal to use under IBJJF rules.

Personally, I seemed to gel better with the less specific, more concept based techniques, for example 'razor frames' and 'passing with a break'. These two are easy to remember and easy to incorporate into ones own game immediately. As a straight ankle lock fan myself, I liked Miha's footlock grip of death and I'm fairly certain my own version is executed similarly. I think where this set shines is when Miha brings in his judo knowledge and applies it to the lower stances of jiu jitsu competitors. The traditional judo throw set ups require a slight modification and he seems to have blended to two arts nicely. I'm going to try and integrate his tips more when we practice stand up techniques in our club.

It could be argued that this instructional is less old-school 'dirty' compared to the first volume - I like to see it more as a set centred around Miha's own attacking game - which just happens to include a lot of fast attacking and ultimately painful techniques. As such, it's a great little set of moves and I am sure there are tips here that would be of benefit to anyone at any level. Just remember to be nice to your training partners and not use them all the time!


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