28 Jan 2018

Gi Review - Strata 'Deltawave'

Small brand based in South Korea offers a range of novel, creatively designed fightwear. This gi model, the Deltawave, features a unique weave design plus some cool graphical elements that make for a rare and unusual gi model.

Deltawave is available from the Strata online store.
Cost: 189,000 (Korean won) roughly $177USD or £125GBP
Also available in Black.
Disclosures: I have no business or personal connections with Strata.

According to those I speak to who train there or have traveled there, the South Korean BJJ scene is really growing fast right now. It's no surprise therefore to observe a number of new and more established gear brands originating from South Korea. Strata began operations in 2010 and offer a small range of limited edition gis, belts, tees and other items. Co-owner Hyeon Rae Lee visited the UK last year and presented me with this gi. It's taken me a while to review it as I've been a bit too busy but finally I can present my report on how the gi has fared in training.

Shrinkage measurements & Weight
Sleeve wingspan: 168cm new / 163cm after 6 washes
Jacket length: 75cm / 72cm
Jacket width: 59cm / 59cm
Sleeve cuff: 16.5cm / 15.5cm
Trouser waist: 48cm/47cm
Trouser Outer Leg: 100cm/95cm
Trouser leg cuff: 22cm/21cm
Jacket weight: 1.2kgs
Trouser weight: 560gms

The first impressions one has of this gi is how it is decorated with cool graphical elements that convey a sort of street/tattoo culture vibe.

The other very notable feature of this gi model is the unusual weave pattern.

Rolling Thoughts & Conclusions
The 'strataweave' jacket material is very smooth and feels nice on the skin plus the inside shoulder yoke is a very comfortable cotton material. All cuff and seam taping is also comfortable with no scratchiness. The jacket weave is very densely woven so the material feels stiffer and less flexible compared to regular pearlweave jacket material. For an A1, the jacket is also quite roomy. It's not too big for my physique but it is definitely wider and looser on my torso than I'm usually used to from other brands.

The pants are plain, medium weight cotton twill so they feel strong yet light when you wear them. Like the jacket, they're very roomy so it you have thick thighs, you'll enjoy the freedom of movement you get. I don't have thick thighs sadly! The trousers are cut very straight just like judo trousers. This differs from some gi models from other brands who design their trousers to be slightly tapered. I guess you could argue the (very slightly) wider trouser leg openings might grant your opponent a bit more material to grab.

The gi design is really cool and I like all the graphical elements. It's not too in your face but it's stylish enough to get noticed. The fabric is very densely woven and doesn't seem to 'breathe' compared to pearl or single weave gis. It therefore traps your body heat - perfect for winter, not so pleasant in summer. When I sweat in this gi it gets pretty wet quickly and as a result, gets a bit heavy during a very heavy session.

Overall however, it's a smart looking gi, strongly constructed and due to the rarity of the brand (outside of Korea), if you owned one you would probably be a pretty unique style king or queen among your team mates.


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