6 Oct 2004

On yer bike!

Just what are the college thinking of? Last week, Kev parked his bike as usual outside the main building to our dojo and lo and behold, he returned to find it had been clamped! Wheelclamping bicycles - now that is taking the biscuit. It seems the powers that be are sick and tired of piss poor students moaning about their stolen bikes so now, there is a blanket ban on parking bikes on campus. Instead, you must obtain a swipe card, have your details registered, then only use the allocated bike shed (a thieves den if ever there was). Us visitors are not allowed to use these facilities. So what are the half dozen or so cyclist members supposed to do? Tie their bikes up to a lampost and leave them at the mercy of thieves, dog wee and student pranksters?
I thought London was supposed to be getting a greener transport agenda. That means congestion charge to dissuade drivers, more buses, cycle lanes, cheaper tubes and obviously - more places to put your bikes. But what have we seen? Now't. Congestion charge hasn't reduced traffic much, none or very badly designed bike lanes, rising tube fares and now this from the college. Ridiculous!!!!
John reckons we can use the bike shed in an adjacent quadrangle but will have to fight for spaces since the rival Jitsu club are the main users - could be interesting, the real fight school - but with proper rules and stuff.
Mind you, I use the car so will have no need to fight for bike spaces.

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