8 Dec 2004

Empty Bottles

It’s really nice every now and again when our club can do something for it’s members other than just teach martial arts. Last night was excellent as we began the session by congratulating David on his purple belt grading and presented to Wayne the 2004 club merit award. With the forthcoming joint clubs Xmas party and the return of a few old faces, it was an excellent evening.
It wasn’t all plain sailing however as one new person confessed to me that she was only here to accompany her mate and didn’t really want to come. In fact she explained in no uncertain terms that she had certain ‘issues’ with ju-jitsu as a martial art. Well, all I can say is I tried my best, but we can’t please all of the people all of the time. I’m reminded of an old Chinese proverb that my dad used to say (really!): the half empty bottle makes more noise when shaken than the full bottle. Using that criteria, I would say I am a shamelessly three quarter empty bottle. But hopefully after this Sunday’s Nidan grading, the bottle will be slightly less empty.

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