12 Jan 2005

Kicking the New Year off with a whimper

2005 has kicked off, not so much with a bang, more a whimper. On the plus side, I was canny enough to ask that all my Xmas pressies be in the form of HMV vouchers and I duly spent the whole lot on cds, games and dvds. The best of which is the Spaced TV series, Burnout 3 for Xbox and Rickson Gracie’s ‘Choke’ DVD – a documentary about his no-rules fight in Japan. Although filmed over a decade ago, it is held up to be a classic for fight fans and a must for every student of martial arts.
On the downside, the club dojo is closed for a month and although I am still training – even managing to drag Mrs Meerkat along to BJJ and JJ sessions, I still feel rather empty without my weekly dose on home turf. In addition to this, my impromptu workplace dojo has now been stuffed full of clapped out old computers so me and Anna have no room to practice lunchtime kata. I did suggest the outside forecourt but somehow, the dodgy stares of passers by might be a tad off-putting.
At work too, I seem to be the de-facto MA consultant of choice since several people have asked me about what MA to do and what it's like. Naturally I always give an unbiased view while at the same time plugging JJ. After much deliberation about which MA to do, one of the new girls at work has chosen Wing Chun over my JJ class - sad, since I think she would be pretty good addition to the team.

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