21 Feb 2005


Some more on the story about that ‘geezer’ chap at the Royce Gracie seminar. Turns out that Royce was standing in line at a hotdog stand (so much for the Gracie diet) on the way to the seminar and the guy next to him recognised him. Unable to get away Royce explained that yes it was him and he was on his way to conduct the seminar. The geezer chap asked if he too could join, so Royce, without wanting to say outright NO but at least sound him out, replied that he would need a gi. The geezer chap was rather keen and begged to be allowed to join so Royce said, well I guess I have a spare gi in the car – so the geezer bought it for £90. Then Royce said that it was a closed door seminar and he would have to purchase a ticket too - £60. The Geezer did so without blinking an eye. Now I know that Royce wasn’t joking when, after one of the many outbursts from the guy, he joked that he should have left him behind on the motorway!
Anyway, it’s an amusing story that really only makes sense if you were there at the time. The Geezer was annoying but essentially harmless, just a fan of NHB.

The Meerkat was stunned and shocked to yet again be promoted another rank by Eddie. Two-stripes on the old white belt is not to be sniffed at and means that everyone else in the club will be gunning to take my scalp. But I’m pretty pleased that my commitment to put in some serious mat time has panned out. There is talk amongst us of entering the Gracie European Tournament in April. Gulp! Now we’ll see who’s worthy of a stripe.

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