13 May 2005


An exciting time in Meerkat world at the moment. Obviously the prospect of being a dad tops the cool list. I’m also quite excited about decking out the dojo with brand new mats soon. I could have any colour I want, as long as it is yellow. So yellow it is. Black is SO last year.
Another exciting development is the opening of two new clubs. Pete’s one in Kentish town and Marie-Paule’s women only club in Stoke Newington. Meerkat wishes both ventures the best of luck.
Meerkat has been asked to host a martial arts seminar for gifted children. Every year, the university invites hundreds of children down to a ‘summer camp’. These are only the brightest kids in the country and during the day they will take part in science projects and lectures. They also need social activities during the evening so the organiser thought of our club. I have never taught kids before, but it will be an interesting challenge to come up with a schedule that can capture their attention. I was warned that some of these kids may never have done any real sports or martial arts, preferring instead to stick to the books and computers. But who knows, being gifted children, they’ll probably excel at ju-jitsu too. Though I will probably have to omit the eye-gouging and groin stamps that we so love.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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