10 Jul 2005


A dark time in Meerkat world the past few days.
The London bombings last week have been an upsetting episode. Me and Mrs were close to Liverpool street around the time of the attacks. We extend our sympathies to those who suffered in the attacks.

Today at our JJ seminar, I threw a 15 stone brown belt and he landed bang onto his shoulder and nearly broke him. He was in such agony but refused medical attention. I felt terrible. Throughout the session I kept thinking 'This fella is big and I am going to get injured, I know it' but obviously it was him not me that got the injury bug. He sat the rest of the session rather forlornly with his arm strapped up, I suspect it will ruin his preparations for shodan grading.

To end my depressing week, just now I have come home to a scene outside my house. Some kid on a motorcycle crashed into a metal fence and flew head over heals over the fence. It made such a noise that everyone in the houses ran outside to see what happened. The paramedics were swiftly onto the scene but the kid was in a real bad way. One look at the metal fence and what remained of his bike and you could see he was speeding big time (in a quiet 20mph zone) - all the motorbike kids roundhere do it, it's a miracle no one got hurt before.

So Meerkat wishes all those who are injured this week a speedy recovery and justice to those that mean us harm.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Darth Daddy said...

How heavy is a "stone" in pounds?


Meerkatsu said...

15 stone would be 210 lbs or 95 Kg
not too heavy but if you are only 9 stone (126lbs, 57Kg) it all counts against you.


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