18 Oct 2005

No longer smallest, nor deadliest

Move over Meerkat, there is a new kid in town. Literally!
Last night, Meerkat was rolling with the youngest member of the BJJ club – 16 year old KJ. Not only young, but very light, yes, lighter even than the Meerkat. KJ is a fast learner but in 6 or so months, he has excelled in his assimilation of BJJ and can hold his own against the bigger lads. Last night, I got him in a fairly vicious guillotine choke (reverse headlock) but he didn’t panic, just thought his way through and managed to unwind it, then whipped round my back, grabbed the collar and Boom! Got me with a lapel collar choke from the back. I tapped out rather reluctantly.
Now most people would feel pretty bad about tapping out to someone half his age and fraction of his size, but I was happy for KJ. We both used solid technique and a little improvisation to deal with the problems and he won fair and square. Next time though, I know not be put in that position again, so even though I lost, I have gained in knowledge and will improve.
But I sure envy being 16 and doing BJJ.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


性爱 said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Meerkat I have to admit that was a hard faught battle and your techniqual skill was amazing. Thanks again,



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