23 Mar 2006

Seven Day Slam - (7 martial arts in 7 days) Day 5

Day 5: Thursday - Kickboxing
Woohoo! That's how I felt after a session at the Paragon Gym kickboxing club. It's been about 18 months since I last trained there and I forgot how energy sapping a session could be, and yet I left feeling invigorated and pumped up.
Stuart Lawson took the session. you never know what to expect when Stuart is teaching. He had us spinning left and right with hook kicks, roundhouses, sides. We were jumping karate-kid style into switch kicks and spinning backfist punches aplenty. Stuart is definitely the master showman of the kickboxing world and he enthuses that in you. Not that many of us could actually do the techniques, but I was surprised I haven't lost too much of the snap, crackle and pop.
I definitely miss my time down at Paragon. But the gym is not without its critics. Some say that the sparring (or lack of) during lessons leaves much to be desired and students are training, in what is effectively just padwork and shadow drills. But I like it there. And I think the teaching is sound. Not everyone likes sparring, but if you do - they have sessions dedicated just to sparring, which I used to do quite often.
In any case, time and priorities mean that my patronage of Paragon will be sporadic at best. If I had to choose, BJJ and JJ comes first. But it is nice to know I can still do those crazy kicking.

Tomorrow...more BJJ...

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