28 Jun 2006

Mind, Body and Stick Ass Moves

WHALLOP!!! I smack the wooden stick down hard on my
opponent’s skull and watch in glee as it fractures into a zillion
pieces. Well, it would have done were it not for the fact that
my weapon was heavily foam padded and my opponent
covered in full face and head shield. This is the world of
Philippino stick fighting and it was introduced to us at
Imperial by our old mate Barry Harte, 4th dan at the
Hakudakan Dojo. Amongst a myriad of skills Barry teaches,
he is an instructor of this wonderful art and showed us how
lethal it can be in expert hands. The slender bamboo stick can strike,
obviously, but it blocks, parries, disarms, counters and crushes with
alarming speed and ferocity. Wow!
Sensei Barry also showed us a selection of very very cool control
and restraint techniques - including a lot of two fingered control
In a nutshell - the best two hours spent with a stick and two fingers.
Many thanks to Barry for the top notch seminar and we hope to see
him again soon!

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