24 Oct 2006

Big tournament build-up

Someone asked me the other day why I liked ground-fighting so much?
Well, I have two answers.
Here’s the serious answer: ground fighting offers a proven system of self defence where the smaller, less strong individual can defeat a bigger opponent. As many fights end up on the ground, it is an essential part of one’s armoury.
Ok that’s the official version, the REAL reason I enjoy it is because I am a lazy git. Let me clarify that. I’m getting old and my bones and muscles kill me after every training session. It’s far worse doing stand-up than doing groundwork. I don’t know why, but gravity could be a key factor.
This month, I celebrate 2 unbroken years of BJJ training. I very nearly didn’t re-start at all after my experiences at my former BJJ dojo where I felt I was effectively mat fodder for the higher grades and constantly tapped into ego-crushing submission.

Team Imperial is shaping up to be a formidable force this year, with several members of the ground fighting team following my example and taking extra BJJ classes to supplement their training. Personally, I feel I am peaking at the right time, although who knows what to expect on the day?
Our random attackers are getting more training than ever before and hopefully will produce a few of the tricks we have worked out. The final category of sparring I thought was gonna be a no-shower, but it appears both senseis Steph and Andy will be competing. Steph won gold in her division last year, let’s hope for more medal success. Just 4 more days to go and I’m already feeling the buzz.

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