7 Jul 2007

Royce Gracie popped down to Eddie's RGDA gym yesterday to conduct a seminar. I entered the gym and there was a film crew interviewng Royce, presumably as a response to the recent doping allegation. So there was a strangely quiet atmosphere in the gym, not too many of the BJJ regulars showed up, mostly newcomers and a dozen or so I never met before. In fact, I was the only blue belt there and I think Royce tailored his seminar to cater for the majority as most of the techniques were basic beginner positions, arm locks and counters. I didn't mind, but his last seminar when we were at Bethnal Green was definitely better, as he was showing more advanced and perhaps unusual techniques. If Royce was shaken or annoyed at the recent furore, he certainly didn;t show it. He was his usual cool, very laid back and jokey self throughout the seminar. One thing I did notice at the end, he posed for pictures happily, but did not sit for a q&a like he normally does. Probably sick of answering too many questions already - not that any one of us would dare mention the 'D' word.
The evening did conclude with a blue belt awarded to Shukie, so well done to him!

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