8 Aug 2007


Gadzukes, what is happening at my JJ club? First Daniel breaks arm last week and this week, JJ members Holly twists her knee and Anthony lands badly on his shoulder. Both will be out of action for several weeks. Incidents at my club are thankfully rare, but they are a bit like buses, nothing happens for ages then 3-4 come at once. Let's hope that is the end of the hoodoo for now.

At BJJ training, I sparred with a Brazilian purple belt. He looks not too dissimilar to Royce Gracie - tall, thin, constant smile, very good jujitsu. Although he was twice my height and weight, he sparred very fairly with me and I enjoyed our roll very much. I even managed half a cheeky sweep which he acknowledged. Buoyed by this, I next sparred with Eddie, who this time was playing Poker Face Eddie - ie he kept me guessing every twist an turn and frankly, I ain;t much of a poker player! So, finally, after my slightly humbling experience I decided to challenge Big man Brian to a roll. Everyone was sitting down watching and poor Brian did not know how pumped up I was for this roll. I really love it when I get an audience too, so for an exhilarating 60 seconds or so, I was aggressively trying every trick I have learned on Brian and he was clearly taken aback. It's probably the best I have ever done against a much larger uke. I half suspect Brian will not take it so easy next time we roll.

Just got an email circular from JJ headquarters and looks like Head of JJ is penciling in a BJJ seminar very soon. Personally I would prefer an established BJJ instructor to lead the seminar but the boss wants to keep it low key and within the orgsanisation for now, perhaps expanding it if we decide to continue with the concept further on down the line. So I guess I will have to dust down the rule book and actually learn the points system in detail, which to be honest I have never really taken much notice of (and not many others do either). According to the CBJJ you get 2 points for a takedown, 3 points for passing the guard, 4 points taking the mount, various points for an advantage or points deducted for an infringement.
I think practising BJJ just to win points is not really encouraged in most clubs. Usually, students are encouraged to experiment, try new things out, take risks, look for submissions or sweeps etc. If you only play for points then everyone would be looking to mount, and hold the pin and it would all be very boring.

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