25 Jun 2008

Way of the Falling Idiot

One of my biggest fears is the fear of making a tit out of myself when demonstrating a technique in front of my students at my JJ club. Well, that nightmare came true last night as I stupidly insisted we drill spinning kicks. It was all going swimmingly well, with everyone enjoying these strange twisty turny kick combos i was coming up with. I was gonna wrap things up, but no, I had to show off just one more technique. Ironically, the least flashy of all the one's so far - the simple jumping spinning back kick. Something I had practised a thousand times before in kickboxing. Last night however, I jumped a little too high, my body angle was all wrong and I landed on the outside blade of my foot, which gave way, a loud 'SNAP', and then me, crumpled on the floor weeping like a toddler. All in full view of everyone at the club. Lovely.
Thankfully, various club members acted swiftly in bringing ice, raising the leg and generally showing lots of serious concern and good advice. Of course I felt like a complete prat, lying there helpless as the rest of the class continued, but shit happens and there's no point going over the 'what if's'. It was only me that got hurt and better me than one of my students.
So here I am at home, hobbling around like Marty Crane from the TV show Frasier and acting all grumpy as it is so frustrating not being full bodied. I can't even pick up my kids, let alone contemplate doing martial arts.
But I suppose it gives me a bit of time to write my book reviews. And as it happens, my latest purchase arrived in the post today. I'll be reviewing this and adding my thoughts in the next blog post. Right, now for the ice pack.

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