17 Nov 2008

Getting an ear-full

This is BJJ training mate Dan Jones who is illustrating one of the unfortunate pitfalls of heavy training - the dreaded cauliflower ear. Poor Dan travelled from doc to hospital to clinic in his search for someone who will drain the offending lughole of fluid and relieve his pain. In the end, he had to pretend to be a junkie just so he could obtain a 'blue pack' of hypodermic needles and syringes so he could drain it himself. Half a dozen syringe-fulls of pus later, the ear is still a bit puffy and prone to swelling again. Ew! Still, no pain, no gain, as Dan just won a silver at the Kent BJJ Open.
No such disfigurements with me yet. Not with my lock in to guard and hold on dearly A game. My ears normally never go anywhere near to a body to scuff and scrape.

But today, I rolled with the guys who are competing at the next competition and was instructed, well more goaded, by young Daniel to roll with full intensity. So I did as I was told and man! That was awesome. I never roll with anything like the intensity that I suppose I should for tournament work so today was a real eye opener. In five minutes, I must have worked dozens of techniques and manoeuvres all without thinking. Of course I made big mistakes too which I paid for, but it was quite thrilling to work at full speed. It reminded me that that was how I should have played it at the recent Southend comp. But then again, that is what I love about BJJ. You can train at any level you choose and always learn new things.

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