10 Dec 2008

Galo, the rooster

Against my better judgement, I have for some reason agreed to take part in the forthcoming Roger Gracie Academy (RGA) internal competition. It'll be my first BJJ competition and I think I agreed because it was billed as a nice low-key way to pick up some tournament practice. I say low-key. But when you consider that RGA consists of some of the most hard-training and richly decorated, medal- winning students in the UK (eg 35 medals at SENI07) , then I would hardly say it was that low key.
Anyway, my weight seems to be hovering around the 58 kilo mark so Nick put me in the 'galo' category which is Portuguese for rooster (weight) - the lightest category in adult BJJ. I quite like that. I was born under the Chinese sign of the rooster and that imagery pervades throughout my life. So rooster weight it is then. Although judging by my fighting style, 'cock' or 'chicken' may be a more apt description.

In other news, my Trad JJ pals David and Kevin both passed their second dan gradings. It's quite an achievement as second dan involves lots of very complicated joint locking katas and lots of weapons and empty hand katas and then lots of sparring and then..oh you get the picture - it's flipping hard work mentally and physically. Both still looked drained several days later. And for Dave, it doesn't end as he has an escrima grading at the weekend.

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