5 Feb 2009

European BJJ Championships 2009

Nick (blue gi) - finals mens brown belt senior 1 light (Photo: www.combat-bjj.com)

My BJJ instructor Nick just returned from the European BJJ tournament and filled me in on the results:

Nick Brooks - Gold Brown Belt Senior 1 Light
Mark Warby - Silver Blue Belt Senior 2 Middle Heavy
Lubomir Repasky - Bronze Blue Belt Adult Light
Daniel Strauss - Bronze Blue Belt Adult Feather
Anthony Warby - Gold, juvenile blue super heavyweight
Clint Jones and Dan Jones - R1 in their respective divisions.

So an amazing return of results from just one club. As usual the stats tell just one part of
the story.
For Nick, there was only two in his division. Maybe that is what made it, in his eyes, a very
boring fight, with his opponent locking up tight and refusing to budge in any way. the judges awarded the win to Nick as he was deemed to be the one trying the most. I guess if you enter a division and you know you got the silver straight away, it could kill the competitiveness a bit.
Nick went on to compete at the teams event and met a Polish black belt who was just 22 years old and sh*t hot. Nick lost 11-2.

The vagaries of a massive event such as the Europeans (1,000 competitors spread over 3 days) mean that some divisions get tons of people, some just a couple. For Daniel Strauss and Lubo, they were met with a division of 60 and 57 competitors respectively. Both managed to win four fights (Daniel by triangle in each case) to get to the semis before losing. Daniel also tore his shoulder ligaments prior to the comps so to actually step on the mat was a minor miracle, let alone compete and win!

The Warbys did well, young Anthony, only 17 years old won his division and Dad Mark won his 41-45 year olds division. Which reminds me, I'll be 40 this year, blimey how time flies.

Clint told me he was fighting half guard and down on points but managed to sink a good lapel choke onto his opponent. The bell just ran for timout and, according to his opponent, he was just about to tap...literally saved by the bell!

Purple belt Asif got DQ'ed sadly, emplying a foot lock and twisting it - an illegal move under the rules. Shame as Asif is certainly one of the top guys in his division.

So a big well done to the Mill Hill BJJ crew. To step onto the mat and face an unknown opponent is one thing, to do it at one of the world's biggest BJJ tournaments is another. Respect! and Ooooos!

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