16 Apr 2009

Meerkatsu interviews: Oliver Geddes - The Half Guard Wizard

I've mentioned Oli several times in my blog. He's a hugely prolific competitor and a real nice guy. So I thought I would speak to him and would you Adam and Eve it, my interview gets published in leading BJJ news website: TheFightWorksPodcast.

Here's an excerpt:

SY: Your website (http://www.thejiujitsugame.com/) lists all your fights, which total over 40 (BJJ and grappling) tournaments and comprise over 200 matches (150 wins with 98 by submission) in a little over 2 years. That's a phenomenal number of competitions, why do you compete so much, are you attempting some sort of record?

OG: It gives me something to do on Sundays! No, seriously...it has a couple of purposes. On a basic level, I figure that the more I compete, the more likely I am to win things. Everyone has good days and bad days in jiu-jitsu, whether in the academy or on the mat in competition, and when you have a bad day, if the opposition is good, then you're going to lose. So by competing more, you reduce the good day/bad day effect and you get to win things you might not normally if you only competed once. Secondly, the more people you fight in competition, the more times you have people ask questions of yourcompetition game, the more ready you are when you step up to the big IBJJF competitions and have to fight guys who seem like they have all the answers to your game. Plus, uh, winning a lot of stuff can only help with sponsorships, right?

Read the full interview here:

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


slideyfoot said...

Great interview!

Also great that your blog feed is now full (or rather, I just noticed it was) rather than the little snippets that force you to click for more. So, can finally get my Meerkat fix alongside all the other BJJ blogs in Google Reader. :D

Meerkatsu said...

Cheers Slidey, been catching pu with your blog in google-reader. Shame you are leaving RGA2 as I was hoping to pop down later in the year and meet all the guys, including your good self. Another time then.

Will said...

Hi Meerkatsu,

Seeing as you are a big meerkat fan, I thought you might like this:



Meerkatsu said...

...adopts Gorilla-like grunt: huh? WTF?


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