20 Jun 2009

Just a quickie before the Brits...

Just a quickie few words before the British Open.
Managed to pimp my gi with a hand painted 'Galo & Pluma' patch. I think the possibilities for bespoke custom-designed gi patches are endless. I might paint different designs for my other gis. This would never be allowed in my trad JJ days of course! The lettering was done using inkjet printed heat transfer sheets and I painted the galo onto cotton canvas using fabric paint, tippex and lots of swearing.

Had some awesome training sessions this past week. On Monday I finally managed to spar with Jude Samuel. He had a sprained thumb so kept tapping me out using just his legs (mainly leg triangles around my body). It was like sparring with a mean python. An amazing experience none-the-less.
On Wednesday Nick made us do specific sparring and then general sparring for 1.5 hours. That was the hardest session I've done in BJJ for quite a long time. My uniform weighed double with the amount of sweat I produced. Let's hope it pays off this Sunday.

Yo Birmingham, here comes the Meerkat, let's bring it on!!!!!

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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Georgette said...

I love the custom pimping. Of course coming from the girl with a rainbow closet of gis (14 and counting) that is to be expected.

I have been haunting ebay for goofy patches. Aside from the predictable
"Hello Kitty" ones (if I had a decent triangle, I'd put one on the crotch of my pants, so the last thing people see before they pass out is... ) I also found some cooler, edgier ones.

I plan on tie-dyeing a gi this summer.

Meerkatsu said...

Georgette - your penchant for out there colourful gis is what inspires me to customise my own LOL! Oh and the fact that my instructor just dyed his purple to contrast with his wife's fluorescent orange gi. Man, how am I gonna compete?

Matt said...

nice patch man!
good luck at the comp, looking forward to reading the results.


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