13 Jul 2009

My new pimped up gi

Just picked up my new Faixa Rua goldweave fully embroidered club gi. The base of the main section also has the words: Roger Gracie Jiu Jitsu Team but I cropped in to get a closer picture of the logo.

There seems to be a trend in the UK BJJ scene at the moment for personalised pimped up gis. Some fall just within the boundaries of the CBJJ rules on patches and logos, some fall wayyyy outside. But I think it is a sign of how confident the scene is growing in the UK that a guy and rock up to a tournament wearing a salmon pink gi, and he fights a guy wearing a jet black gi with white trimmings and cartoons on his legs. And as for the ladies, man have any of you seen the awesome custom-dyed gis that Catfight gear make?
Check out a couple here:

Above courtesy of gringabjj blog
Below, courtesy of Catfight Gear website.

Personally, I love a bit of customisation. But I probably would draw the line when it comes to the gi below courtesy of Happy Kimonos...

Tie-dye is definitely an acquired taste in my view. But fair dos, nice try at being creative. And to think in the old days, turning up in a black gi was considered the height of self expression.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Adam Adshead said...

That badge looks sweet! :)

Is that from Black Eagle?

Might have to get one of those! :)

Adam Adshead

Meerkatsu said...

Haha LOL!
No way Adam, Black Eagle and Faixa rua are mortal enemies in the world of gi trading. I think BE would rather eat dried cactus needles than embroider a Faixa gi.

Ben said...

Where did you get your gi embroided?


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