28 Aug 2009

10 Cool BJJ Posters

BJJ tournament poster designs are usually a mixed bag. Typically you'll get a grungy photo or line drawing of some combatants and BIG TYPEFACE of the title of the comp, something like GRAPPLING FESTFIGHT or words to that effect. Oh and really loud colours appear to be the norm. Having said that, most BJJ posters in my opinion are nicer to look at than MMA posters.
Scouring the net I came across these which I reckon are pretty cool poster designs. In no particular order:

OK, the DREAM.10 poster is not BJJ but MMA but it was soooo cool I had to include it. And below, a little effort from me. I decided I quite liked to see if the Blue Note album cover style worked with a BJJ theme. Mmmmm, not sure so far, what do you think?

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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

I like the Blue Note idea. Would that record feature the Count Gracie Orchestra?

Dave T

Meerkatsu said...

more like Gracie Coltrane. Actually I nicked the format from

Georgette said...


Anonymous said...

My faves are the Bristol open one and the Dream one. Tho the jazz cover is great too :)

binster said...

Liked the Philippine poster (Dominicao Absoluta) - classic Filipino comics-style. Eye-catching.


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