7 Sept 2009

Mill Hill Open Day

Just spent a hugely enjoyable session down at the BJJ club. Although the new place at Bunns Lane has been open a while now, today was our official opening event. Some more photos...

There must have been 50-60 bodies on the mat including Roger Gracie, Nic Gregoriades,
Luciano Cristovan and loads others from RGA and other BJJ clubs.
Roger awarded a long awaited purple belt to Daniel Strauss, blues to Toby, Dan, Gareth and David, and a host of stripes to others in our club.
It was great for me hooking up with a load of old friends and making new friends too.
Here's to the future success of MHCCA.
Finally, a big Meerkatsu props to Dan and Clint who, together with Nick, personally oversaw the entire refurbishment of the academy.An awesome achievenment guys!

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Georgette said...

Oh, the greenness of envy to be on the mat with Roger Gracie :)

We have one of your compatriots visiting our school for a week-- Simon, a purple, who trains under Marc Walder and Paul Bridges in Hastings.

So when can we expect YOU for a visit :)

Meerkatsu said...

you just want more little people to crush LOL!
would love to pop by..one day..one day.

rodzilla1988 said...

Hey bud I just started a MMA blog of my own and would appreciate it if you checked it out considering your interest of MMA. If you wanted to become affiliates that would be cool to but please check it out.


slideyfoot said...

Bit late on this, but many congrats to Daniel Strauss on finally getting that purple! Quite possibly the epitome of 'overdue', given the guy has blue belt world titles to his name. ;)


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