10 Nov 2009

Five Blingin' BJJ gis

Some gis are born great, others achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them...here are five awesome pimped up blingin' gis that I DARE you to wear!

1. Breakpoint - comes with a pimped up ride and a bevvy of attractive girls, allegedly. Breakpoint FC website.

2. Lucky gi - Raphael Lovato Jr has a lot to answer for. The extreme cost of these may have contributed to the recent economic down turn, possibly. Sherdog Review.

3. Black Eagle limited Edition - it's black, it has gold thread, it is limited and it will make you shine brighter than a supernova. Black Eagle Website.

4. Reversal RVDDW Flash - Greased lightning!!!!!!! Fight Trends review.

5. Catfight - Combat Barbie (TM), here we come! (Other colours are available) Catfight Gear website.
Well I've personally gone about as bling as I dare with the purchase of a new Vulkan Pro Lite - in black...oooh! Go on, dish out the predictable ninja jokes, I can take 'em.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Meg Smitley said...

I am feelin that purple Reversal gi!

Kátia Rosado said...

And one with an Ipod pocket for those pre fight nerves??

Take a look at this baby..


David Onuma - Combined Fighting Systems said...

Of course the breakpoint gi is in rightful first place given that i have 3!!!!


Meerkatsu said...

It's what inspired my post David!!!

FightTrends.com said...

Great choice in blingin gis Meerkatsu! Katia is right, the Shoyoroll gi is awesome as well. Can't wait to get mine when they ship out in a couple of months.

I just read through your blog and really enjoy it. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it from now on.

Glad to see you are reading FightTrends!

Adam Adshead said...

Great post. :)

Check out these gis -


They are crazy, I reckon I would wear a pair of pants but a full gi? Not sure.


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