25 Jul 2010

Pippa the Medal Collector

Just a quick post to talk about some medal results from Meerkatsu friends. First off, my instructor, Nick Brooks, is in Brazil right now training with Ricardo De la Riva. But he also went to compete at the CBJJE World Championships - his first as a black belt. Nick lost in his first fight by one, perhaps contentious, advantage point, but we're all proud of Nick and know that had he been fully fit and free from injury, he would have smashed the black belt division. Read all about his exploits on Matt's Grappling Dummy blog here.

But my biggest shout out will have to go to Pippa Granger. On her first trip to Brazil she managed to win Bronze at the CBJJE Worlds, Silver at the Rio State Open and Gold in the absolute and bronze at middleweight (she is a pluma!) at the World Masters and Seniors events. I think that is absolutely amazing!

It just goes to show, hard, hard work, single minded determination, and lots of talent and the rewards are there. Pippa has gone through so much in her BJJ career it's worth a whole blog of its own! When she comes back, I hope to catch up with Pippa and get the full low down on her amazing trip and humungous medal haul.



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Dev said...

That's incredible! Congrats to Pippa!

A.D. McClish said...

Wow! Congratulations to Pippa! :)

BeastWong said...

Congratulations Pippa!!

Georgette said...

WOOOOOOO Pippa! That's the biggest medal I've ever seen... Can't wait to hear all about it (and why, middleweight, as a featherweight?!)


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