19 Dec 2010

Angry Pandas and Evil Teddys

Well with all this snow plus a load of other commitments, I've been done zippo training. But these wintry nights mean I get to play around with my doodles a lot more. Here's two more:

Grappling Panda!
This was done for some Chinese friends of mine who wanted to start up a Facebook Group for those UK-based BJJers who are of Chinese background. The actual FB group is linked here. If I had more time, I would have changed the background rays into a Union Jack, to emphasise that it was a UK group, but peeps seem to like it regardless.

(i) Quick lunchtime sketch

(ii) Better sketch

(iii) Final Render

Evil Teddy - Kumachan
Kumachan is a blog run by my buddy Gerry Hurtado. It's his nickname and he wanted a patch made so commissioned me to design a logo. Teddy's are all evil anyway, right?

(i) First sketch

(ii) Final Render

You can see how Gerry used the picture on his blog header, here.

I know, I really need to get out more ;)


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


slideyfoot said...

Have you got a link for the Kumachan blog? I'd be interested to see how it's been used, unless the logo isn't up there yet.

SkinnyD said...

Haha! The panda turned out awesome! Step aside, Kung-fu Panda! Also, the teddy bear looks surprisingly aggressive...fun work, Seymour!

Meerkatsu said...

Hi Can, the blog is:

JP said...

I like KUMACHAN picture!
He looks like a nice teddy bear lol

A.D. McClish said...

You have some real talent. They look awesome.

supergrappler said...

I love it! Great work my man.

Meerkatsu said...

Wow, thanks a lot guys, I'm so chuffed folk like my work!

DirtyWhiteGi said...

Nice logo designs dude!

Steve Wan said...

Great designs. They would make a good gi patches!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work! Amazing! I love it!

Meerkatsu said...

Thanks guys, I hope to draw some more logos and mascots, they're lot of fun!

Amy said...

Wow, that's amazingly good! You're very talented :)


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