8 Mar 2011

Submission 1000: Fighter No.8 Luiz Tosta

Our eighth and final fighter for the pretty awesome Submission 1000 event at the Lockdown Fighting Championships in Stevenage this Sat 19th March is BJJ black belt, Luiz Tosta. A very familiar face on the UK BJJ circuit, Luiz was one of the earliest instructors here in the UK. Here are his thoughts on the forthcoming event:

Q: Hi Luiz, please give us some stats about yourself: age, weight, belt rank, MA styles etc?

A: Luiz Tosta, 30 years old, 68 kg, black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu...I been training bjj for the last 10 years.

Q: What is your fight record (gi, nogi, MMA etc)?

A: Gi and No gi i have no idea...Mma is 3 wins and one lost...

Q: What is your finest grappling achievement?

A: I been twice European champion in 2007 and 2009... But i believe my best result was the third place in the world's championship in 2009...

Q: What can people who may never have seen submission wrestling or BJJ expect?

A: Well... Two guys grabbing each other with funny positions.

Q: The 8 man division contains some top level fighters, who are you most looking forward to fighting against?

A: I don't know... All of them are really good... So anyone.

Q: Do you think you can adapt to the rule changes for the night?

A: Ohh yes... For me all the submissions should be allowed... I like ADCC rules...

Q: What will you do with the prize money?

A: I gonna pay some of my bills... I have too many... :-)

Q: Good luck and look forward to seeing you fight at the Submission 1000 tournament at the Lockdown FC.

A: Thanks... See all of u there...

So there you have it. Eight talented grapplers, contesting in a cage, fighting no-gi submission wrestling for the prize of £1,000. Go buy your tickets and be a part of this spectacular event!



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