5 Aug 2011

Gi Review: Breakpoint Acai

A limited edition exotically flavoured lightweight gi with a generous cut and some nice details but ultimately let down by a few poor quality parts.

This gi was sent to me by MADE4FIGHTERS.

Disclosure: The contents of this report are my own opinions. I have in the past worked with a number of fightwear brands, including Breakpoint, on various projects which are unconnected with this product.

When I reviewed the Breakpoint Deluxe gi I loved everything about it and it is still a gi I wear in my regular rotation. Would Breakpoint's latest gi model match or exceed the high standards of their Deluxe model?

For the very few who are not familiar with acai, it is a fruit native to South America that is popularly consumed as a very tasty smoothy drink. It's also the theme that has inspired Breakpoint's latest gi design - the Acai Gi - limited to only 400 afaik. My A1 gi is number 16 out of 60 A1's. The unique number in the series is stitched into the neck label and the inside trouser label.

As with the Deluxe model, the gi comes inside a very nice mesh gi bag along with care instructions and a nice sticker. Unlike the Deluxe model however, it does not come with a spare pair of trousers.

Size, weight and other stats

A1 size, new versus post x3 washes at 40C (all sizes in centimetres):

  • A: 166/161
  • B: 76/75
  • C: 60/60
  • D: 16.5/16.5
  • E: 54/52
  • F: 97/91
  • G: 23/22

Jacket weight: 1.1Kg
Trouser weight: 0.5Kg
Material: 350gsm single weave
Manufactured in: Pakistan
Cost: Around £125

From the sizes above, it is interesting to note the relatively large degree of sleeve shrinkage and rather insignificant change down the jacket length. The trouser length shortens quite a bit too.

These sizes after washing still make the Acai model in A1 considerably larger than the equivalent size for the Breakpoint Deluxe. Size chart here.

Despite the slightly larger cut, the Acai weighs in at a very comp friendly 1.5Kg overall.

Breakpoint don't do quiet. They produce bright, brash, in yer face designs and the Acai is no exception. Sporting embroidered purple, green and light silvery patches, the familiar BP logo has been redesigned to incorporate some acai berries. The colour palette and placement of patches works very well with the black gi fabric. I especially love the purple coloured contrast stitching.

The gi jacket is made from a basic judo style single weave fabric. It's quite soft and comfy and the same kind of single weave as found on the Roy Dean Honor, Storm Typhoon and HCK comp lite gis. Ripstop cotton covers the collar lapels and lines the vent openings.

The sleeve cuffs are double stitched and covered with logo'ed tape. It was this tape that caused me most annoyance - see Rolling report.

Scratchy inner tape, grrrr!

The fit of the jacket was a lot more generous and roomy compared to many other A1 gis I have tested. It is not as short as the Deluxe (75cm v 69cm) and definitely has a bigger overlap (did not measure). This aspect together with the lengthy sleeves leads me to suspect that it would better fit a person more used to wearing a 'small' A2 gi or a 'large' A1. Even on me, the jacket is probably a bit baggier than I am used to.

I felt some of the larger jacket patches were stitched rather sloppily onto the weave, like they were cut out in a hurry and sewn on by amateurs. A shame.

The gi pants are made from ripstop cotton. It is very lightweight and after several very hot weather sessions, did not stick to my skin.

The pants are triple stitched with reinforced gusset joins and taped ankle seams. The fit is perfect.

Unique number on label

Rolling Report
I found this gi perfectly suited to the short spell of hot humid weather we experienced recently. The jacket was quite roomy and all the excess material flapping around meant easier handle holds for my opponents during sparring. As already mentioned, the trousers fitted perfectly. The gi is very pretty to look at but does not stand out as a 'bling' gi compared with the Deluxe model.

But man, those cuff tapes! Ahhh! I have reviewed gis with slightly scratchy seam tape but these are by far the worse. They did not get any less abrasive after several washes. Maybe I have sensitive skin but this single aspect has spoiled what could have been a very very nice gi to roll in. The same material is also used on the inside of the trousers and that too is quite scratchy. It's such a shame because in many other aspects, the Breakpoint acai is very nicely put together, apart from a bit of sloppy workmanship behind the patch sewing.

A pretty gi spoiled by the very abrasive seam tape and , in my opinion, sub-standard patches, the acai limited edition could have been so much better. Recalling my review on another limited edition gi - the Bull Terrier silver foil light gi - that model was made to incredibly high standards with not a stitch out of place and every attention paid to the detail. Given that both the acai gi and the Bull Terrier light are made in Pakistan, and quite possibly source their materials from the same suppliers, I believe a bit more more could have been done to make the acai  perfect.

Thanks once again to Made4Fighters for sending me this gi for review.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


André said...

I like the purple on black, I do not like the green. I get the choice, I just don't think it works very well.

Also, the jacket does seem like an A2!

JiuJitsuSweep.com said...

that giant BP round patch on the lapel could have been a little more incognito. it looks as though breakpoint were going for flashy but ended up looking trashy. would not buy this gi just because of the patch

Brendan said...

terrier gi link takes us to the hck review =o)

Meerkatsu said...

Thanks Brendan, link fixed.

Unknown said...

I wore this gi for just about a year, maybe a little more and it's about worn out. I probably wore it twice a week. I agree with the review but I never noticed the tape inside the sleeves, never bothered me. The really light weave top was really comfy. I cold wash and hang dry my gis so this one was great because it dried fast and remained soft. I've sort of decided not to spend $160 on gis any more because I need too many and will not buy another one unless it shows up on bjjhq.com


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