28 Nov 2011

Xmas Present Ideas - Part One

In the run up to Christmas, online stores face their biggest sales of the year. Imagine, so many lovely fightwear goodies are up for grabs - either long lusted after items or spur of the moment impulse buys, big or small, Xmas is the time for getting your hands on BJJ gear.

Here are my suggestions, based purely on the fact that I have personally owned or reviewed the item and liked the item a lot. I guess it's biased towards UK readers but all the products featured here are shipped internationally or available through other retail outlets around the world.

Also, look out for the discount codes below. In no particular order:

1. Scramble 'OSU' Hoodie
Price £39.99 from www.scramblestuff.com

I bought this hoodie because I instantly fell in love with the design the moment I saw it. It seems to come in a size smaller than average so order a size up what you normally do with a hoodie. For me, I'm normally a medium, but in this case, I bought a Large and it fits just right. It's nice and thick with a double lined hood portion. The OSU words are made from pearlweave gi fabric and the pockets are generous. Definitely a must buy in my opinion. Oh there's two colour choices - the grey above and a navy coloured one too.

2. Marcelo Garcia - Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques Book
Price from around £15 from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

I've only just got this book myself so I can't comment yet on how awesome it is, but judging from other reviews - such as this one from Aesopian - it sounds incredibly good. I'll post up a more in depth look in a couple of weeks time.

3. Strike Fightwear - Tatico BJJ Gi
Price £65.99 from Strike Fightwear - DISCOUNT CODE 'MEERKATSU15' FOR 15% OFF

I've rolled in a pre-production version of this gi and I have to say it is very good value for money. I love the orange and white contrast colouring and the gi is pretty light and tough. Full review to come soon.

4. Gameness Elite gi
Price £149.99 from BJJGiShop - DISCOUNT CODE 'MEERKATSU' FOR 5% OFF ALL GAMENESS GIS.(Valid 1st Dec - 24th Dec 2011)

Looking back at all my gi reviews, I must say I really liked the Elite, it's a classy uniform and if you are willing to spend the money, I think you get what you pay for. Here's my original review.

5. Raptor Gi - by Predator BJJ/Black Eagle
Price £99.99 from Black Eagle.

How could I not feature my very gorgeous Raptor Gi? It's available now in limited supply and is obviously the very best gi money can buy (possibly biased opinion).

6. Estilo 3.0 by Tatami Fightwear
Price £80 from Tatami Fightwear

Earlier this year I reviewed the Estilo 2.0 in navy and proclaimed it "still maintains the same cut and strength as the first generation (Estilo) - aspects that make the new Estilo an even more outstanding gi." I've been rolling in the new Estilo 3.0 and can basically say, ditto the previous. It's even better than the 2.0! Full review coming soon.

7. Bull Terrier Gis
Price £tbc from Grapplers Delight
DISCOUNT CODE: 'MEERKATSU10' FOR 10% OFF (ends 23rd Dec)

I've owned two Bull Terrier gis in the past and I can honestly say they are the most beautiful gis ever made. Sadly the cut just doesn't fit me right, the A1 is too small and the A2 too large. But most others who wear the gi say it fits them perfect, so just me again :(
Anyway, Grapplers Delight are ordering some in (the Flare models), so have a word with them about it or use the code on any of their many other gi brands.

8. Cliff Keen'Twister' Earguards
Price £39.99 from Made4Fighters.
DISCOUNT CODE: 'SALE10' for10% off all products.

Back when I reviewed my Cliff Keen Earguard selection, I never expected to actually fall in love with a pair. I mean earguards to me were simply functional and they stopped my ears cauliflowering up. But the Twisters were something else. I loved how they fitted, comfortable and soft yet tough enough to withstand head running. I simply cannot train without them.

...more Xmas discounts coming soon.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Andy said...

what? No discount for the sramble hoodie? the Baaaaaastads ;)

Nuke said...

This Xmas i want a GI!
But too many in the price range around 100£ X_X What should i choose? K2 Fight Gear Premier, Tatami Fightwear Estilo 3.0/Terere Signature, Predator Mk2, Break Point FC, Gameness Pearl.......



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