20 Feb 2012

Tournament: 11th Hereford BJJ Open

I took part in another tournament at Hereford over the weekend. The last event in December was very enjoyable and well run so when Dave Coles mentioned that he had found a fighter who was same age, rank and weight as me, I knew it was a match up I could not refuse.

I started off fairly brightly against my opponent, he pulled guard and I tried to keep posture not letting him close his guard or sink in his de la Riva hooks. I felt okay to be honest and reasonably in control, figuring out my next move in readiness to assert my slowly maturing guard passing game when for some stupid reason I decided to plant my hand under his armpit. He saw this and wrapped an overhook and cranked for a sort of inside guard americana. Something cracked and I yelled out loud. Verbal tap from me, game over. Uh oh. Thankfully nothing busted, just sore and it was a fantastic opportunity to experience a fight with someone exactly in my division. I have made mental notes on what I need to do to improve and hope we can meet again.

My thanks as ever to a brilliantly run tournament and so lovely to catch up with all my BJJ friends. I got the chance to wear my Honey Badger gi - the only one in the world right now! But I will blog about the honey badger gi in a post coming up soon. In the meantime, here are some photos:

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